2019 Goals - "Big Things Comin'!"

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If you listen to my podcast (@whatwesaidpodcast) you know how much I LOVE it when people say BIG THINGS COMIN’! before they even start a project or two years before they release their newest line of Merch or something like that.

I usually find it weird to share my intimate goals or aspirations with others. Mostly because I wanted to leave myself room to change my mind if I wanted to and not have to answer to anyone about it. Even when I wanted to be these super cool things… like a singer or a podcaster or a health coach…. I always played it down when people asked me about it. In my head or on paper I would write down these ambitious goals and plans of mine. Sometimes I would execute, sometimes I wouldn’t. My personality type is an “upholder”… in other words I am a hardcore, rule-following, perfectionist buzzkill. If there is a rule in place, I get anxiety sweats just thinking about breaking it. I can meet my own expectations without a lot of outside accountability, but I am also highly motivated by others and can execute things they are depending on me for. This is obviously not true for me 100% of the time but growing up, this is how I met inside and outside expectations. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe this is a bad thing. I don’t know but I’m not going to label this trait of mine as either. It just is.

My husband’s personality type is a ‘Rebel”… Yes, that is on the opposite side of the spectrum from me. He does not do well with rules or instructions, and likes going with the flow and judging every situation by his OWN standards. Luckily, we help each other. I help him find ways to work with structure and he helps me have more fun and work with more freedom.

This year, I already shared some of my resolutions on our New Year’s Day podcast episode so I figured I might as well get crazy and share my goals with the internet this year!


  • BLOG POSTS - I am going to start uploading on this blog at least once a week! Writing is something I love - and so is health and wellness and beauty and shopping and relationships and self mastery and advice and research… so why wouldn’t I combine all those passions into one and start putting them to good use. I have had a blog off and on for years and I was always too hard on myself about what content was good enough but in 2019 we aren’t caring about anyone’s expectations!!!

  • “An object in motion stays in motion.” I am going to to stay in motion for as long as I can! I don’t want to allow myself to fall into the “comfortable” trap where I get in my comfort zone and don’t want to leave. I am pretty good about allowing myself rest… and giving myself time to relax (a little too good at it) so this year I am going to work on WORKING.

  • I am going to create more visual content. Words are great but pictures speak 1,000 words…. I love creating and I want to get better at it to help me communicate clearer and louder to you guys. I have loved creating a sense of community surrounding my social media this last year. I want to deepen the connections that the internet can give people so that they feel more motivated to make those kinds of connections in the real world. I want real connection with real people.

  • I am going to keep writing. I want to write for myself more. I want to write another book someday and I want to get better at it. I am going to read more books, invest in courses, and study more literature.

2.) LIFE

  • In 2019 I am going to wake up with more purpose. I don’t want my morning routine to be down to the minute but I want it to be meaningful and I want to feel present in those first few waking hours. I plan to do this by first thing when my eyes open at 6:45am I roll over to my cute sleeping husband and try to give him a kiss before he turns into a morning gremlin (he is NOT a morning person) Then I want to continue a habit I learned in school called “morning pages” where the first minutes of your day you are writing down whatever comes to your mind in a journal. A fresh mind dump. Then I want to pray quietly and meditate which requires me sitting on a yoga mat in my room (or my bed if i’m feeling like a lazy girl) and doing some simple stretches and bringing awareness to my body and my mind. Next up, I wash my face, scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and get dressed! By then my huge dog is usually yawning and getting out of bed to follow me, so I go feed her and let her go to the bathroom while I get a big cup of water. After she’s done with her doggy business, I get ready to take her on a walk while I listen to Post Malone, a mystery or lifestyle podcast, or an audiobook. Then the rest of the day is off to GREAT start! I am not going to be a psycho about doing this exact regimen, i have made that mistake of putting too much pressure on a goal before, but I’ll give it my best shot for 3 weeks and if I find that it works out good… then great! (I’ll keep you updated in 3 weeks how it’s going! Keep me accountable!)

  • I am really going to work on my relationship with money this year. I want to do this by seeking out a financial advisor’s help and researching financial fitness tips! I need to re-read some great books and take a good hard look at my priorities and my budget and give myself a real chance at success. I can not continue on with some of my habits and beliefs surrounding money.

  • I already mentioned this but I want to study more. Whether that is reading, listening or watching. I want to continue to learn about everything.

3.) Health

  • I am going to cook more at home this year. The last couple months we have been staying with my parents so either they cook or Nick and I go out. I want to really start making an effort to cook for my whole family more! I got used to only cooking for me or for just us two, so this is a real goal of mine! I want to be more mindful of mealtime and get back in the kitchen.

  • I am going to face my fear of the gym this year. Near the end of 2017, I stopped going to the gym everyday. Not for any particular reason but we moved and I just lost the habit. Around this same time is when my bingeing habits also started to get better and for the first time in a long time I felt like my eating and weight were sustainable and I felt free. I started getting into yoga and doing that a couple times a week. I still did at home workouts or went to classes with friends here or there but I truthfully haven’t been consistently going to the gym for that full length workout in over a year. I walk my dog everyday and I still find ways to move but I have noticed feeling a little less strong than I used to feel… I mean just 10 burpees now and I am dyin’. I loved going to the gym, I always felt great after and I want to feel stronger. I guess because I started getting emotionally and mentally more stable around the same time as my gym-going habits were coming to an end… I have been terrified of going back. SO I am not going to put some crazy expectation on myself and say I am going to go to the gym EVERYDAY this year but my goal is to try to find my balance. I want to really commit time to finding new ways to strengthen my body. I feel ready to jump in! I feel like I am at the point where I no longer use exercise as a punishment so I want to allow myself the freedom to explore and move my body in order to nourish it, not to fix it. This week I am going with my friend to try out her gym and I am just going to go with it and have fun. I am pretty pumped.

  • As usual, I need to drink more water. Period.

Well, folks, there you have it! My goals this year feel really good. Wish me luck!