Juicing 411

I am coming off of a much-needed weekend getaway with my sweet husband, Nick. We stayed overnight at the Sedona Rouge Resort in Sedona, AZ and it was BLISSFUL. If you have never been, it’s a town near flagstaff (which is where the Grand Canyon is located) and it is surrounded by red rock mountains that billow over the southwestern themed town. It is stunning and they have the best food spots, fun hikes, and fancy resorts!  

This weekend, I also launched my digital juice recipe book! I am SO excited to share these with you and have you test them out for yourself. I curated 12 unique recipes for you and your body. Each recipe highlights one area of the body that can benefit the most from the included ingredients. I have been juicing for years now. I use to sell my own three-day juice cleanses out of my kitchen! I love the way I feel when I juice, I love how my kitchen smells, and I love getting creative with different fruits and vegetables.  

In my e-book, I also give you my best tips and tricks for juicing efficiently and moderations for each juice catered to preference and taste!  

You can purchase my juice recipe guide, Juicing Anatomy, HERE

In this blog post, I want to give you some recommendations for my favorite products and some benefits that juicing can have on your health! 

BUT FIRST: Let me say this, that I do not think that juice should be a meal replacer. I have juice as a side beverage or as a snack! Do not drink only juice for a whole day because you will miss out on the fiber a whole food provides. Juice can be enjoyed as an added bonus of health and enjoyment at any time of the day! 

Let’s jump right in -  

Juicing Benefits: 

  • aids with the detoxification process in the body 

  • boost of nutrients and antioxidants 

  • there is no fiber for your system to break down so it can process the nutrients faster and your body can use that energy elsewhere 

  • refreshing and hydrating 

  • help you become familiar with different fruits and vegetables and their tastes.  

  • act of chopping and juicing can be meditative and relaxing 

  • pure and healthy snack that is filling (crowds out the processed snacks you might have eaten instead!) 

  • may help to clear skin and decrease bloating symptoms 

My Favorite Juicing Accessories: 

My Fusion Juicer 

Other great juicers: 

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

AICOOK Juice Extractor

18 oz Glass Beverage Bottles with Lids  

Reusable Straws 

Enjoy and happy juicing!


Thank you for reading and supporting my small business! If you make any of my juices, please share and tag #juicinganatomy so I can see!  

chelsey gustafson