Morning Routine


February is coming to a close. The first two months of 2019 have come and gone just like that. WOW, time flies. How are you doing on your NY Resolutions? I shared mine on this post here. I will say I have done a pretty dam* good job at mine! I decided that instead of cramming them all into my life at once, I would work on one habit at a time. I would accomplish my dream lifestyle bit by bit. I decided that I would first focus on my morning routine and that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s been almost 8 weeks and I want to share with you guys how it’s been going! 


I do this every morning now. I slipped a couple times on the weekends or on vacation where I didn’t follow this routine, which is fine. For the most part though, I've been pretty consistent! It starts with my alarm clock. This little habit right here is the game changer for me – once my alarm clock does off I do NOT push snooze. Notice, I don’t specify a time because it kind of differs still. I need my 8 hours of sleep and that is nonnegotiable. If I go to bed at 11pm, I set my alarm for 7am. I usually go to bed between 10 – 12:30pm. (I want to cut this to 10 or 11pm but working on nailing down my nightly routine is next.... one thing at a time.) But sleep is IMPORTANT. If you are not getting enough sleep... change something because there are so many studies that tell us it’s one of the most important aspects of health. I am such a snob about my sleep. If nick wakes up in the middle of the night and messes up my REM cycle... I am PISSED. (I know all the moms with little kids are laughing at me right now... I really don’t know what I will do when I have a little babe wanting to nurse in the middle of the night. How will I survive? Pray for me.)  


So anyways I do not push my snooze button. Say I set my alarm for 7:30am, I get UP out of bed at 7:30. Not a minute later! I use the 5 Second Rule to shoot myself out of bed. I am pretty sleepy but I know that in 10 minutes I’ll be better. I lean over and kiss my husband and say “Good morning.” - and this is a weird detail but I try to say it with a smile. I want my first interaction of the day to be positive. I am not going to go into too much detail on each of these but here is a rundown of my morning:  


  • Wake up anywhere from 6:30 - 8am and actually get out of bed right when my alarm goes off – DO NOT push snooze 

  • Smile and kiss my husband & dog good morning 

  • Pray 

  • 1 or 2 full pages of journaling (This is a time I write with no judgement. I just write whatever pops in my head. I write down my dreams from the night before, what I want to accomplish today, emotions I feel, affirmations, goals, things I am grateful for, etc.)

  • 10 Minute Yoga stretch/ Meditation (I will link my favorite morning yoga and meditation videos here)

  • 10 – 15 minutes study & read weekly religious content - “Come Follow Me” 

  • Splash my face with cold water 

  • Scrape my Tongue (Tongue Scraper)

  • Apply Toner 

  • Apply Mad Hippie Hydrating Mist (This is so amazing, smells like tropical heaven and reduces appearance of sun damage, which I have. I put it on my neck, hands, cheeks, chest.)

  • Apply Moisturizer (I use the Glossier Priming Moisturizer in the morning.)

  • Apply Sunscreen ( I use Elta MD sun protection! This was recommended to me by @the_aesthetician )

  • Brush my teeth w/ my new obsession – my Sonicare toothbrush & my lavender fluoride-free toothpaste

  • Take my Ritual Multivitamin

  • Get dressed 

  • Make my bed (unless my husband is still in it... then I let him do that.) 

  • Take my dog on a walk listening to my favorite podcast or audio book ( My favorite christmas present I got was a hands-free fanny pack leash with multiple pockets… for you dog moms out there, it’s a game changer.)

  • Enter the 5 or 6 tasks I need to get done that day onto my swipes app and order them by most important to least important


The rest of the day, I can’t help but feel like a winner. I am way more motivated to be productive! It really has changed how I go through my days. I feel more aware, more grateful, and more in control of my actions. I’m always open to switching it up as time goes on and circumstances change, but right now this is the perfect morning for me. The next thing I want to try adding into my morning is a good workout regimen. I am still trying new programs, trying to find a good gym, etc. It’s a work in progress!  

Like I mentioned earlier, now that I've got the muscle memory of my morning down, the next habit I want to tackle is my night routine! I want to start reading, maybe add in some foreign language study!? Idk we will see! I will update you guys in a couple months.

I want to know! What is your morning routine? What is one thing that you HAVE to do in the morning otherwise your day is crap?