Planted: Your Plant Based Guide to Living a Healthy, Sustainable, and Balanced Life

Planted: Your Plant Based Guide to Living a Healthy, Sustainable, and Balanced Life

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What is covered in this eBook:

  • my story of navigating through an eating disorder and low self-esteem

  • the many health benefits of a plant-based diet

  • the positive effect a plant-based diet has on the animal agriculture industry and it’s positive environmental impact

  • tips on curbing cravings

  • finding the “why” behind your journey

  • sustainable lifestyle changes and keeping a healthy mindset

  • setting AND achieving your health goals

  • the fundamentals of nourishing all areas of your life (work life, relationships, home life, hobbies, etc.)

  • a list of foods NOT included in a Plant-Based Diet

  • a list of foods included in a plant-based diet/substitute suggestions

  • answers to the most frequently asked questions about plant-based and vegan diets

  • a list of essential vitamins and nutrients and how to get them naturally

  • kitchen investments w/ links and plant-based grocery list

and more!

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This eBook gets you started and guides you through your transition into a plant-based diet the healthiest and most sustainable way for YOU. This book was created with you in mind: the obsessed calorie counter, the perfectionist, the big dreamer but maybe not the best at execution, the loudly curious but quietly insecure, the ALMOST hopeless but with some fight left, the emotional late-night eater, and the recovering diet culture addict. 

Throughout the first half of this guide, you will see that health is so much more than green smoothies and work-out regimens. I share my best advice for curbing cravings, understanding the why behind your journey, keeping a healthy mindset, and setting goals then actually achieving them. You will also get to read about my personal journey through weight gain/weight loss, an eating disorder, self hatred, love, and recovery. I break down the fundamentals of nourishing every area of your life... your relationships, sense of community, environment, money situation, your work, creative outlets, choice of exercise, and more. You will also learn the many positive benefits that a plant-based diet can have on your body, the earth, and the animal agriculture industry.

The second half of this guide will take you through the basics of a plant-based diet; what you can/cannot eat, answer the most frequently asked questions, go over crucial vitamins and minerals and how to get them, and finally provide you with a detailed grocery list and other suggested investments and sources. 

This is NOT a classic diet culture, how-to-lose-weight-in-10-days book that will make you feel guilty then sit on your book shelf collecting dust for years. You will keep and utilize these tools and insights for the rest of your life. This is SO much more than just a guide on how to eat a plant-based diet... it’s a book about becoming the freest and happiest version of YOU. 

97 pages available for PDF download with purchase.